Tips for Better Blogs That Can Increase the Quality and Quantity of Your Social Media Engagements

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In today’s digital world, customer engagement can come in many forms. Advances in mobile technology and social media have opened up valuable new opportunities for marketing and spreading your brand message to a much wider target audience. With the right kind (high quality) – and amount (high frequency) – of engagements on your business’, organization’s, or school’s social media accounts, you can learn more about your customers, monitor the effectiveness of your brand messages, share information with them, and create potentially exponential growth of your pool of potential customers, clients, or students.

Because the search engines are searching for high quality, fresh content every moment of every day, Blogging has become one of the primary methods for establishing an online community with customers interested in your brand – and it is also useful for increasing engagement on your social media profiles. Here are some top tips for writing blogs that will encourage customer engagement with your social media posts, tweets, videos and comments.

  • Post often and discuss current topics. If you post regularly to your blog – and include information and opinions about current happenings in your industry – or sometimes just relate current “viral” online topics to your business – you give your blog followers more to talk about, comment on, and share.
  • Share worthwhile content. Offer content that is useful and meaningful to your target audience. Don’t just say the same things you are reading in other blogs in your industry. Instead, try to include a unique angle, valuable how-to tips, and even something that may stir up a little controversy. This not only will draw more followers to your blog from search engines seeking more meaningful content, it will also encourage them to return regularly and to share their insights and opinions and remain active in the topics and conversations they find interesting.
  • Ask for likes and comments. All of that great content will not greatly increase your social media engagement unless you invite readers at the end of every blog post to “like” your pages, subscribe to your Youtube channel, tweet a response on your Twitter account, or post a comment on your Facebook or LinkedIn page. You should add easily-recognized links to your social media profiles, and ask readers to comment on the content they just read.
  • Be proactive in your posts. If you keep up-to-date with general feeds in your industry, you can pick up on new conversations you may want to become involved in with your blog. By linking to some of these industry conversations in your blog posts, and inviting comments, you can get not only customer engagement, but can establish new relationships within your industry – and new relationships means more reach through links and reciprocal “likes” and mentions on social media sites.
  • Bribe (okay, entice) followers. Offer a “reward” for blog visitors who connect with you on your social media profiles. Mention a contest for a t-shirt or gadget giveaway or you might offer a free eBook you or someone in your business or organization has written. These enticements present an irresistible value proposition that many other social media users fail to offer, therefore, you might well see improved engagement—not only of quantity of but also the quality of engagements.

Finally, make it simple for readers to share pages from your blog site on their own Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and other pages. This can create conversations about your brand and can encourage potential customers to visit your social page to see what else you have posted. With the right methods of blogging and interaction with your social followers, you can add character to your customer communications, keep your business competitive, and build an audience of long-term followers.