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Social Media (Networking) Activity and Enhancing Learning (Part 4)

Social Media Wordle (c) Dr. John Weidert | learning education college students networking blogs blogging wiki video interactivity YouTube Twitter LinkedIn Facebook Instagram Tubulr Having surveyed theories of social media activity applications in the learning environment, it would be helpful to conclude by offering some practical implementation tips rooted in the literature.Read More

The Importance of Social Presence and Communication in the Online Classroom as Factors of Successful Student Experiences

global_touch_connection_400_clr_9905 What we have known is years past as traditional education—attentive students sitting in our classes studiously taking notes of every word we say from our highly compelling lecture series—is drastically changing.Read More

What a difference a decade makes in modern media: Part 1

Realistic Transistor Radio by Radio Shack When I was growing up I never imagined a world where media would be so pervasive. After all, we had a black-and-white TV that received about 6-8 channels depending on the weather, a tube radio, and my dad’s 8mm projector for movie night on Friday or Saturday if he wasn’t out on the road truckin’. I chuckle a bit now whenever I see the NBC peacock, because the first one I saw was just shades of grey! Things sure have changed for better or worse depending on your perspective.Read More