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Professional certification and Institutional accreditation: Accountability you can trust

accreditation More than ever before in our history, we are working within a global, knowledge-based economy. Years ago when you needed something done beyond your expertise, you would have just dealt with someone within your little domain of colleagues, associates, and friends. You dealt with your need in a very “local context.” Right? But in a global, knowledge-based society with professional and social networks within worldwide networks, your ability to leverage talent and skills in a “global context” is limitless.Read More

Basic rules for getting the most from a creative media mind

Types of thinkers Basic rules for getting the most from a creative media mind. Word-thinkers work at a steady flow using a methodical step by step process, whereas, the creative media mind may have many stops and starts and zig-zags along the way. Creatives know the starting point and the end goal, but getting from point A to point B requires a journey for them that isn’t always a linear process.Read More